One of the most enjoyable ways to spend the winter months is at a local snowboarding mountain. While many consider snowboarding to be a challenging activity that takes a long time to master, there are many tricks that you can choose from that are not too hard to learn. These tricks are fun and are great options for those that are new to the sport.


The Ollie is a basic snowboarding move and trick that most people can learn early on. This trick will require you to move at only a moderate speed and will require that you place more weight on your back leg while moving downhill. At a certain point you should prepare to extend your legs back and then try and jump up. While in the air, you can then extend your legs until you land safely on the ground.

Learn the Jumps

Many hills and mountains today have terrain parks that are fun to try and do jumps on. If you are new to the sport, you can quickly learn to do some basic jumps using on the Ollie technique. When at a terrain park, you should try to do the Ollie move when moving down hill and going over the jump. This should give you some additional air with each jump. As you get more comfortable, you can also try and twist your body to do a spin while you are in the air. It is important to start with smaller jumps and work your way up.