How to Buy Men’s and Women’s Snowboard Pants

Snowboard pants are a key part in dressing properly for a day out on the slopes, whether that be women’s snowboard pants or men’s snowboard pants. You will typically be wearing your snowboard pants over a pair of long johns or thermal underwear, to help keep you not only warm but also dry as you slide down mountains and unfortunately though inevitably, have your backside make contact with the snow.

Make Sure That the Materials Used are Both Breathable and Waterproof

Whether you are in the market for women’s snowboard pants or men’s snowboard pants, you want to make sure that whatever you are wearing will be favorable in the extreme conditions of moisture and cold that you are likely to encounter while snowboarding.

First and foremost, you want the materials to be waterproof. This should be obvious, but it is still important to stress the benefits of waterproof snowboarding pants. Invariably, while snowboarding, you will come into contact with the snow itself, particularly after a tough fall. You want to make sure that such falls will not leave you soaked to the skin and vulnerable to the cold and sickness that come along with it. You will need pants that will prevent moisture from leaking through to your inner layers and will wick away moisture in order to dry quickly.

Along with the materials being waterproof, you also need them to be breathable. Apart from the breathability of the material helping to keep out snow-related moisture, it will also help with clearing out your own sweat. It is ironic, perhaps, to think that you will be sweating under these cold conditions, but with the constant moving, some sweat is inevitable.

While you don’t immediately notice how much perspiration might be on you while you are moving and the wind is in your face, you will notice it once you have stopped moving and the harsh winds make every bead of perspiration feel like a little icicle. Consider finding snowboarding pants with zipper vents or some sort of ventilation built in so that your body will remain continuously aired out throughout the day, regardless of conditions.


The fit of your pants will not vary greatly regardless of if you are in the market for women’s snowboard pants or men’s snowboard pants. You want something that will minimize the ability for snow to get in, as well as any cold or moisture. While you will have some sort of inner layer to protect your immediate skin from becoming wet, if your snowboard pants are slightly loose, you still get some snow or moisture in through the waist or hem, leaving your inner layers vulnerable to moisture that will eventually seep through to your skin. Not only will this be uncomfortable as the day goes on, but it also will make you more prone to colds and other sicknesses.

When shopping for snowboard pants, make sure that you have a fairly loose fit that will not restrict movement in any way. However, do not ignore the recommendation of a high waistline in order to keep out immediate moisture and snow. Also, you want to make sure that the hemline is long and falls over your boots in order to keep snow out of your boots and make sure that your feet stay nice and dry.


Women’s and Men’s Snowboard Pants



Your snowboarding gear will take far more of a beating than possibly any other clothing you will ever buy, and snowboarding pants are no exception. Keep in mind that you don’t want to be shopping for a new pair of snowboarding pants every other week, and you want to invest in a couple of good pairs that can last you at least a season or two, if not more. The lifetime of these snowboarding pants needs to be long, and aside from a tough, waterproof and breathable material, you will also want a pair of pants with solid stitching. The pants should be double or triple stitched with reinforced materials near the seams in order to secure a longer life span.


Once you have found the basics of what you need in a snowboard pant, feel free to explore the differently styles available to you. Here, is where the difference between men’s snowboarding pants and women’s snowboarding pants can become really prevalent. There is a whole world of snowboarding pants in different colors and patterns available to you, all equally reliable.

Just because something is sturdy does not mean that you have to stick to a basic color or design. Snowboarding is fun, so have fun with the outfits you will be wearing while snowboarding. Go for a bright color, interesting print, or individual design. If you are going to learn all of those awesome moves, you might as well look good while you do them, right?

Don’t Overlook Customer Reviews When Buying Women’s Snowboard Pants or Men’s Snowboard Pants!

Customer reviews are probably the best resource available to you when shopping for women’s snowboard pants and other snowboarding gear. With the internet, you now have literally thousands of customers giving feedback on which companies make the best gear, and how each one can benefit your experience.

The greatest benefit of these customer reviews is that, unlike advertisements, most of these customers are simply giving feedback on their own experience with each particular brand of snowboarding pants, without trying to sell something to you.

These reviews are often very reliable because of their lack of product pushing. While a particular snowboarding gear company might tell you that their snowboarding pants are the best because of the lightweight material that they are made with, a customer review could challenge that claim by letting you know if that lightweight material did a poor job of keeping out moisture.

So if you are interested in a brand of mens snowboard pants or womens snowboard pants because the style looks appealing or because the company insists that they are durable and comfortable, don’t forget to take the time to look up consumer reviews. These consumer reviews might be what saves you from spending a lot of money on a pair of snowboarding pants that is not totally waterproof, or is made of an itchy material.

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