How to Do an Ollie

Ollies are one of the most fun tricks that you can do on your snowboard. The key to the trick is in using the flex that is incorporated into your snowboard. The goal is to get as high as possible, which comes with a higher amount of flex on the board you have.

To start, you will push your snowboard ahead of you, while it slides under your legs. You need to balance yourself when the tail end is aligned with the placements of your hips. This is the beginning of a tail press, from which you will jump off the ground.

After you jump, you should be able to land on both of your feet. A tip to really get going, however, to get your board in the right location for the ollie, is to put your weight on whichever foot you have in front. This will increase the flex as well.

If you want to increase the speed at which you are able to ollie, all you have to do is start practicing! Have someone throw a baseball towards you and try to jump with your board and land in a way that misses the ball. Timing is one of the most important parts of maintaining your safety.

Ollies can be done on any snowboard and on a trail of any kind. You can jump over any obstacles that stand in your way with an ollie. Consider practicing the trick in parks, but you can then develop it while freeriding or while going over cat tracks.

Ollies are fun tricks to learn as they help you get into the air when snowboarding. They can also help keep you safe by avoiding any obstacles in your way. Learn more about how to ollie by checking out this video which goes more into detail.