How to Get Better at Snowboarding from Home

Learning how to snowboard as a beginner while being away from the mountains is quite discouraging. However, it doesn’t have to be too frustrating. You can become a fairly good snowboarder without requiring snow. The following are some of the ways you can practice at home and still be relatively good at it.

Invest in a balance board

A balance board is a piece of great equipment to enhance your balancing on the snowboard. There are different varieties to choose from in the market, but you should consider some things before choosing one that fits you. It’s better to choose those that are designed for fitness and sports training instead of those that are solely made for fitness. It would be best if you were patient while using a balance board since it takes some time. Ensure the surface you’re practicing on is also soft to prevent injuries if you fall.

Practice your stance

Your stance is your posture on the snowboard while you ride. Safely riding down the mountain is very important, and thus you should practice your stance. Your back should be straight and knees bent for a good posture. This enables you to shift your weight and balance on the board.

Learn to balance on your edges of the board

It would be best if you started moving your weight towards your edges after you feel like you’ve mastered your stance. Start practicing shifting and balancing by bending onto your toes or heels. This will train you to shift and balance like you would while on a snowboard. Start by your heel edge, and your toe edges will lift off the ground since it works much better for most people. When balancing on your heels, you can squat much faster. Be sure you do not get too low since it might be a bad habit to stop when you go snowboarding in the mountains.


While working out to prevent soreness, focus on your core and legs. The good news is you can work on those areas with your bodyweight. Exercises you can do include planks, Russian twists, and squats.