Snowboarding Tips

  • Be cautious of theft at the mountain. Don’t let it happen to you. Lock your board, check it in or just never stop riding it. Nobody has ever reported a stolen board while they were riding it.
  • To figure out your forward foot, simulate a tug of war contest that you are determined to win. Tie a rope to a secure column and pull HARD, alternating left or right foot forward. One position will feel more stable and stronger. That position is your correct forward foot.
  • Your snowboard needs regular waxing! You should wax your board at least every second or third day you hit the hills. Not only will your board run faster, but waxing will actually protect the base from the abrasion caused by snow.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your day on the slopes. Dehydration is the number one cause of muscle tears and strains. Pack it with you or drink a ton. Remember drinking and drinking water is not the same thing.
  • You would be wise to carry a pocket tool kit with you when snowboarding as the rental equipment or whatever you are riding can loosen up and cause aggravation.
  • Don’t put your board into the car rack with the boots attached to the bindings, then drive up to the mountain….Brrrrrr!
  • The best route for your first day is to organize a semi-private lesson with a group of friends and one instructor. The cost is minimal and the success rate is the best. You have a custom picked group of participants that can laugh at, and encourage each other, creating a very memorable experience.
  • One of the most commonly overlooked aspect of snowboarding is safety. Helmets, wrist guards, ankles braces, and tailbone and hip protection are the types of gear you should keep in mind when going on your next snowboarding adventure.
  • Focus on your riding not the voice from the chair lift. Do not get distracted by random yells from your buddies, or by checking out the ultra-hottie in the tight one-piece suit. Pay attention to your riding and come to a complete stop before you adjust your pompadour haircut or apply more styling mousse.
  • It is common to feel sore and tired after a day of snowboarding, like any sport, but especially if you try to figure it out by yourself.
  • The professional instructor may not ride as well as your friend in the halfpipe, but they will be way better at helping you love the sport of snowboarding. Learn to turn – then ride with your friends. Your instructor will provide constant feedback to improve your technique and form, and make it easier for you to enjoy snowboarding.

Snowboarding Tips: Part 2